Basic Irish Spices to Keep in Your Cabinet

While many of us are trying out new Irish dishes during quarantine, some are wondering, what are the key ingredients to stock up on during your next trek to the grocery store? Many generations of cooks in Ireland use these common herbs spices to ensure their dishes are top-notch:

1. Thyme
This traditional herb is used for flavor and garnish in many Irish dishes. It adds an earthy and semi-sweet flavor and compliments fatty foods and meat well.

2. Parsley
Commonly used in soups, sauces, and stews, parsley is a must-have ingredient in Irish cooking. Parsley is known for brightening flavors and adding balance to savory dishes.

3. Rosemary
With a piney aroma and sharp flavor, rosemary is used in moderation to avoid an overpowering taste in Irish dishes. It mixes well with meats and vegetables and is one of the essential ingredients in Irish Lamb Stew.

4. Garlic
Originating in Ireland, garlic bulbs are used frequently in Irish cooking. Garlic is also one of the classic ingredients in corned beef and adds flavor to the batter for fish.

What are your favorite Irish herbs and spices to cook with? Let us know!

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