We’re Building on a 30+ Year Irish Tradition

“A room where all patrons begin their enjoyment the moment they
walk though the front door greeted with sincere hospitality, pleasant surroundings
and unmatched service delivering your favorite food and beverages.”

The Riley Family, Irish American Born and Raised

The Pour House of Carnegie has long been a signature pub of classic Irish heritage for many years dating back to its inception in 1979.  Mr. Dan Sweeney and Mr. Dennis Murphy began the traditional style of serving spirits and pints of Ireland’s favorite ales and beers.  After 32 years – having changed owners twice – the Pour House still operates with a following as traditional as the Pub itself.

The present interior design of Riley’s Pour House was installed in 1979.  After 32 years, patrons will love and appreciate our revamped and refurbished interior and the truly refreshing seasonal pleasure of our outside patio area.

Newly renovated and revitalized, Riley’s Pour House in Carnegie, PA is the gathering place of Irish tradition celebration – excellent Irish fare, Irish entertainment and fine Irish whiskeys and brews.